What is e-Money?

E-money is in digital world what cash is in the real world - so, e-money is online cash. Exchanging cash into iPay e-money is very simple and commission free!

Decide how much money you wish to have in e-money for spending online. Exchange that cash into e-money (iPay voucher) at iPay deposit locations commission free (for example, 1,000 RSD of cash money equals 1,000 RSD in e-money). The receipt received (iPay voucher) shall contain the amount of money, EMONEY PIN number and the receipt number. You can spend the e-money you have in the iPay voucher at once or partially. For example, you can spend the 1,000 RSD receipt to make 5 separate payments 200 RSD each, or one 1,000 RSD payment or however it suits you best.

Pay online without compromising your personal data such as credit card number, pin, name and surname.

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Exchange cash into e-money commission free and get your iPay voucher

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Choose an Internet store and enjoy your shopping using the iPay voucher

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