Frequently asked questions

What are the things I can do with iPay?

iPay allows you to use two separate services:

Paying bills on the fly (electricity, phone, utility, cable...), without going to a bank or Post Office, without waiting in lines, at more than 700 locations in Serbia.

Paying on the Internet without a credit card or any other type of bank card. You don’t even have to have a bank account, nor open an account with us. You don’t even need to install the application.

How can I pay my bills through iPay?
You need to find an iPay deposit location closest to you (link), bring the (electricity, phone, utility, cable...) bills you wish to pay, and money as well. After the payment, you will receive a receipt you need to keep.
Which bills can I pay through iPay?
The list of bills you can pay are posted at points of sale and on the following link (here is the list which is constantly being updated). At certain points of sale you can pay almost every possible bill you may have, and at others (MAXI, Tempo, Shop&Go and at Lilly Drogerie stores, for example) you can pay only those bills that contain a barcode because of the speed of processing payments. The usual bills are electricity, phone, utility, cable, the Internet...
How much is the commission for bill payments?
Commission fees are posted at each point of sale and they vary from one location to another. The commission fee is 65 RSD for deposits up to 6,500 RSD. For payments bigger than 6,500 RSD, the commission fee equals 1% of the cash transaction, i.e. the minimum commission fee is 65 RSD. You can learn more on this topic in our General terms and conditions.
Is paying bills through iPay safe? How can I be sure the bills are actually paid?
Paying bills through iPay is completely safe. After the payment, you will receive a receipt containing a reference transaction code. You can always enter that code on the website and print the payment confirmation receipt.
What if I lose a payment confirmation receipt? How can I check a payment status?
Our advice is to carefully store your receipts. However, even if you do lose a receipt, you can check a payment status by entering data from the bill you paid, such as the account number paid into, payment reference number and date paid, on the following link.
What is electronic money (e-money)?
Electronic money is equivalent of cash, and is used in digital world to pay for goods and services in internet stores. Learn more here (link)
Where can I get iPay electronic money?
You can get iPay electronic money at more than 400 iPay distributor locations. The number of distributors is getting bigger each month. Find the nearest location here (link).
Do I need to open an account with iPay?
No. You don’t need an account (with a bank nor with us) in order to perform payments through iPay on the Internet. All you need to do is go to the nearest location where you can exchange cash for e-money, and use that receipt for online payments. Find the nearest location here (link).
How do I use paysafecard voucher for online payments?
It’s easy to use paysafecard voucher for online payments. After you exchange cash into e-money, you will receive a receipt containing an E-MONEY PIN code and the last three digits of the receipt. When you wish to pay for something, you only need to enter the amount you are paying, E-MONEY PIN and the last three digits of the receipt. You can find more details in the Instructions (link).
What can I pay with iPay electronic money?
Our partner network is constantly getting bigger. You can pay in internet stores, on gaming websites, for VOIP and phone services, Internet services, entertainment and media services, sports betting, etc. See the list (link).
Do I need to spend everything at once?
No. You can spend the amount of money you have on your paysafecard voucher however you wish. For example, if you have 1,000 RSD you can spend it all at once, or you can make two (2) 500 RSD payments, or four (4) 250 RSD payments, or whatever suits you best (they don’t need to be round numbers).
Can I exchange e-money for cash?
Yes. Please, read the Instructions (link).
Can I block e-money on the paysafecard voucher?
Yes. Please, read the Instructions (link)
What do I do if I lose an paysafecard voucher that still has e-money on it?
After you exchange cash into e-money, it is important that you save the receipt on electronic money issuance (paysafecard voucher), and we also advise you to make a note of the EMONEY PIN and the last three digits of the receipt number and to keep that information safe. You can block the e-money you have left on the voucher by entering the EMONEY PIN and the last three digits of the receipt number on the following link. Then, you need to contact us (link) so that we can either issue a new receipt to you or buy back the electronic money (i.e. pay you cash).
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